• Stephen Colbert calls out Fox News for ‘singing like a canary’ (Video)

    Every right-wing pundit on television is shocked, disturbed, and enraged that Boston bomber, Dzhokar Tsarnaev, has finally been read his rights. According to Fox News anchors (no really, like every anchor on that program), Dzhokar was “singing like a canary” before the big, bad judge strolled in with his gavel and the Constitution and read Tsarnaev his rights. That was pretty fucked up by the judge, wouldn’t you say? Treating Tsarnaev like a citizen. The gall! Now that he’s been read his Miranda rights, well, he just won’t talk. Fox News passionately asserts it was better when we were doing things illegally. Stephen Colbert takes us through the wild ride that is the American legal system and how Fox News can’t seem to agree with it.

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    Zach Buckner

    Zach Buckner is an aspiring comedy writer from New York (no, not the city; right outside, but who's counting?). In his spare time you can find Zach eating Chinese, eating sushi, eating sandwiches, or just plain eating (he's severely obese), or you'll find him on the basketball court practicing his dream shake, which always ends in embarrassment for one of the players (usually Zach).

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