Stephen Colbert lands on Maxim’s list of top 100 beautiful women in the world

The Colbert Nation has proven once again their power to shape the world into the egoistic vision of Stephen Colbert. The fake news anchor was just named as one of Maxim’s Hot 100, “the definitive list of the world’s most beautiful women.” Coming in at number 69, Colbert can’t quite hold up to the top ladies, which include the likes of Katy Perry, Mila Kunis, and Bar Refaeli, who came in at Number 1. Still, his reach across the gender aisle is a formidable feat.

Maxim explains Colbert’s ranking on the list: “Democracy isn’t always pretty: Sometimes it’s downright handsome. With a massive write-in vote campaign, the Colbert Nation proved they’re not only loyal but also incredibly horny.”

This was the first year Maxim solicited readers’ votes to determine who should make the Hot 100 list. Colbert is the first and only man in history to make the list.

But this honor isn’t the first leap Colbert has made over gender barriers. In April, Arianna Huffington appeared on The Colbert Report and awarded Colbert an Honorary Woman in response to Colbert joining — and, the way he sees it, winning — the War for Women. Check out the video below.

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We can’t wait to see what the man, himself, has to say at the start of tonight’s Colbert Report about this newest honor.

Dana Sitar

Dana Sitar is a freelance comedy journalist trying to answer the question “What is it like to be a comedian?” She shares this quest and other tips from the writer's life at and on Twitter @DanaSitar

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