• Stephen Colbert lends his support to troops through Reddit gift program

    Stephen Colbert recently had the honor of becoming the first man ever to be included on Maxim’s Hot 100 list, but he’s not one to just coast on his good looks. Colbert is getting charitable and showing his appreciation for our troops by participating in a new Reddit gift-giving campaign for soldiers serving overseas.

    Last year the Colbert Report host learned for himself how charitable the Reddit community could be after they raised over $100,000 for his Restoring Truthiness rally. Now, Stephen is joining the Redditors for this new gift-exchange. The project began on Tuesday, and Colbert has immediately thrown his support behind it, becoming the very first giver, or “Santa.” Troops are asked to sign up and submit wishlists for their care packages which will be forwarded to the Reddit Santas. Sign ups for the program are open until June 18.

    If you want to follow Stephen Colbert’s example (and why wouldn’t you?) go here for more information.

    Lucas Gardner

    Lucas Gardner is a writer native to Rochester, NY. He nows lives in New York City. He has a Twitter and a blog.

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