Stephen Colbert’s Comedy Central timeslot open, so how about Samantha Bee? Jason Jones seems to think it’s a great idea. So do we. (Exclusive video)

Samantha Bee of The Daily Show with Jon StewartJason Jones and Samantha Bee might be the most adorable married couple in comedy (Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann might be a close second)– not to mention they’re both stellar on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as two of the more veteran correspondents. We recently had the chance to catch up with Jones and Bee on the red carpet of the American Comedy Awards in New York, airing this Thursday, May 8 on NBC at 9 pm ET.

Unless you live under a rock, you surely know that The Colbert Report, which airs immediately after The Daily Show, will soon be no more, seeing as Stephen Colbert will be taking over Late Show for David Letterman. So the question remains: What will follow the Daily Show now? What or who could possibly fill the tremendous 11:30 pm void being left by Colbert? Well, Laughspin assistant editor Billy Procida asked Jason Jones and Samantha Bee that very question. While Jones explains he hasn’t heard anything concrete as to what will come of the Colbert slot, he does have some opinions.

“I do know this, from a personal note, I would love — because the late night shows are dotted with sausages — I would love to see a woman in that position,” Jones tells Laughspin. “If I only knew one funny woman. I honestly can’t think of a funny woman who could actually take that place, unfortunately.” Jones than asks Samantha Bee, “Can you think of any funny women?” to which the comedian has her own response. Check out the video below!

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