• Steve Carell launching Space Force series at Netflix

    Steve Carell is joining Space Force—kind of. Netflix dropped a teaser for a new series co-created by and starring the Office star.

    Greg Daniels, who developed The Office for American television, joins Carell in creating the new show about the space organization tasked to “defend satellites” and perform “other space-related tasks.”

    Space Force, which is reportedly inspired by President Donald Trump’s proposed 6th Major Division of the U.S. Armed Forces, does not yet have a release date or episode count. However, it already appears that the series will be setting a new record for talent expenses. Coincidentally, the report that Carell’s collective fees alone could top $1 million per episode, comes just a day after Netflix announced price increases for its streaming service.

    Even after Trump announced Space Force in 2018, many in the U.S. still did not understand the proposed military branch. Per the Netflix teaser, “This is the story of the men and women who have to figure it out.” After the president’s announcement, Daily Show correspondent Michael Kosta asked people outside of a Trump rally in South Carolina to explain Space Force.

    Carell is perhaps best known for his seven-season run as Michael Scott on The Office. Recently, the actor appeared in a string of dramatic roles, such as his lauded performance in Beautiful Boy. Other recent dramatic turns include his roles in Welcome to Marwen and Vice. Fans of Carell and The Office will likely be delighted to see his comedic return to the small screen.

    Check out the Netflix announcement below.

    Mary Stevens

    Mary Stevens is a stand-up comedy enthusiast. She is a huge fan of live stand-up comedy and produces a show in her backyard in Hermosa Beach, CA. Her show has featured comics from Netflix, Comedy Central, HBO, Showtime and SNL, as well as up-and-coming comics. She is active on Twitter and Instagram @hermosabchmary.

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