• Steve Harvey: I want to make $250 million a year

    Steve HarveyThere’s no denying that ever since he made his mostly-mainstream splash in 2000’s stand-up concert film The Original Kings of Comedy, Steve Harvey has become an entertainment industry giant.

    He’s written books — he’s a New York Times Bestseller — had an incredibly successful network television show, has a radio show (also on television) that broadcasts to seven million people and is now the host of iconic game show The Family Feud.

    All of that, in part, is the reason NPR recently broadcast a story on the man. Of course, the smarty pants producers at NPR had to wrap up the segment in a nice little commentary on cultural divides and other smart-people topics. But the thing that stuck out to me is when Harvey, without any sense of irony or humor, tells the reporter that his life goal is to be in a position where he’s making $250 million.

    Who the hell says that? And who the hell admits that the way he’s willing to get there is to start creating things like grocery stores, a men’s suit line, a dating site and energy efficient light bulbs? What makes this dude think he’s qualified to do any of these things? And what already-incredibly-rich person, in this economy, would tell the world they’ll finally be satisfied if only they could make $250 million a year?

    You can check out NPR’s feature on Harvey below.


    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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