7 Super Bowl commercial cameos you might have missed

Super Bowl commercials are a big draw for those who would otherwise binge Game of Thrones during the game. Enlisting an A-List celebrity is one way to create buzz for your product. Several prominent comedians appeared in this year’s Super Bowl commercials adding some humor to the lackluster evening. Didn’t catch them? Laughspin is breaking down which funny people appeared during the most watched ads of the year quicker than you can say, “Wait? That’s still the score?”

Adam Scott for Expensify

Expensify’s unlikely pairing of 2 Chainz and Adam Scott was one of the most hyped commercials in the lead up to the big game. Before the commercial even premiered, the two released a music video that doubled as a fan contest. The Parks and Recreation star told E! News, “I’ve always wanted to be in a hip hop video and a Super Bowl commercial, so mission accomplished.”

Steve Carell for Pepsi

Much like Scott, Steve Carell was paired with rappers for his Pepsi Super Bowl commercial. Joined by Cardi B and Lil Jon, the ad makes fun of the question, “Is Pepsi ok?” Carell really can do it all: comedy, drama, and now soft drinks. However, The Office star has been crushing the commercials game for years.

Jason Bateman for Hyundai

Sometimes, a commercial feels like a little movie. This Hyundai commercial starring Jason Bateman tells a full story. It is a horrifying one, centered around an elevator attendant that seemingly likes to torture people. Most car ads just have the car zooming down an empty highway, but Hyundai went a very different direction with the Arrested Development star, showing us that their cars are better than your worst nightmares.

Jeff Bridges, Sarah Jessica Parker for Stellas Artois

Resurrecting two iconic comedy characters is always going to cause a stir. Jeff Bridges comes back as the Dude from The Big Lebowski and Sarah Jessica Parker resurrects Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. Many were hoping for a bit more when Bridges teased the Dude’s return on Twitter. There is no Big Lebowski sequel in the works, but at least we got a pretty fun beer ad—and a subtle but epic beer commercial cameo.

Aparna Nancherla for Bubly

Aparna Nancherla and Michael Bublé team up for this ad for sparkling water. While Nancherla isn’t cast as the celebrity in this ad, comedy fans were pleased to see the Crashing star in a Super Bowl commercial. Move over Bublé! There is about to be a new household name in town (for sparkling water).

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson for Alexa

Amazon ads are almost always packed with celebrities. This one also has Harrison Ford and Forest Whitaker, but Broad City’s Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson sneak in some physical comedy into this Super Bowl commercial as they are thrown out of a futuristic hot tub.

Jordan Peele for The Twilight Zone

Usually including a promo for a TV show would feel like cheating on a list like this, but this Twilight Zone ad spot feels different. Featuring Jordan Peele in an empty stadium, the teaser for CBS’s All Access show is spooky and feels just like the 1960s classic. Peele might have made a name for himself in comedy, but after Get Out and the upcoming Us, he is well on his way to becoming the King of Terror.

Rosa Escandon

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