• SXSW Comedy: Day 3, feat. Tim Heidecker, Reggie Watts, T.J. Miller and more!

    Day 3 did not go as planned.

    I began my comedy day at IFC’s Crossroads House at the Vice Bar on 6th Street, which would feature a live performance of Scott Aukerman’s popular podcast (and now television show on IFC) Comedy Bang Bang. The bar quickly filled to capacity, luring passersby with free Subway sandwiches, yogurt, apples, popcorn, candy (now that I think about it, I think they were feeding an army of 4-year olds) and, of course, lots and lots of alcohol.

    The show began with the musical stylings of Reggie Watts, who then brought host Scott Aukerman to the stage. The two bantered briefly before Watts debuted a new, brief, probably-improvised song about Aukerman being a dumb Scientologist, slow jam style.

    Here’s where shit got weird. Guest Tim Heidecker, of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! fame took the stage. And y’all know as well as I do that when Tim’s onstage, you throw the rules out the window. Even the rules of gravity and physics. Heidecker began by imploring the entire standing-room crowd to sit on the floor – we happily acquiesced – and then called up audience members onstage.

    You can probably see where this is going.

    After chatting with a few audience members on the couch, Heidecker pointed to me. “You. Red shirt. Come up here.”


    Onstage I went. Heidecker asked who I was, took a look at my badge – it says my name and my occupation, which, as you all know, is writing for Laughspin – and shouted, “Oh man! Does everyone know what Laughspin is!?”

    He then proceeded to call me – Laughspin – out for a snarky critique of his Herman Cain concept album. The potential for an incredibly awkward conversation was high – really high. (ed. note. said review does not exist on Laughspin. we basically jizzed our pants at the mere announcement of its forthcoming release)

    Thankfully, I was not behind said review, so I told Aukerman and Heidecker that this Comedy Bang Bang business would get an A+ review and they were mostly placated.

    The rest of the show went similarly off the rails. After James Adomian, as Gov. Jesse Ventura, took the stage, he and Heidecker got into a physical altercation that left the couch broken and Heidecker shirtless. And, since you can only go up from there, a man in tighty-whiteys soon joined the stage to Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy.” This was the most normal thing that happened at the IFC House.

    The third evening of comedy at Esther’s Follies, on the other hand, went mostly as planned. Except for starting over a half hour late, Funny or Die’s Super Serious Show was met with a fantastic audience response. Though the star-studded slate of performers (including Jenny Slate, Kumail Nanjiani, Gabe Liedman, Billy Eichner, and more) meant we were treated to a barrage of shorter sets, the performances were stylistically diverse but nonetheless stellar.

    Perhaps none was as well-received as the evening’s host, T.J. Miller, who, mid-show, riffed for five minutes on the new Doritos Jacked chips, which the performers were enjoying backstage. I can’t recreate the magic of his sojourn into the world of Doritos, but you might get a hint of the power if you take a bite of those super thick seasoned chips. If you can handle it.

    Carrie Andersen

    In addition to writing for Laughspin, Carrie is a graduate student in Austin, Texas, where she researches popular culture, new media, music, and social movements. When not reading or writing in any official capacity, she spends her time playing the drums, watching crappy TV, and eating copious amounts of tacos and barbecue. She also blogs sporadically at carrieandersen.com.

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