New service provides comedian videos for birthdays, holidays: but would you pay?

Comedians Adam and Todd Stone, best known for their appearances on the now-defunct NBC series Last Comic Standing, have launched a new idea. It’s called Here’s how it works: the sibling funnymen allow you to hire comedians to create a short video “roast” for a loved one. As of now you can choose from six comedians (I’m counting the Stone brothers as a package, as I’m sure they would

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Comedy Matters with Ray Romano, Tom Rhodes, Amy Schumer

Ray Romano Comes To The Strip Ray Romano accidentally made $7 for his very first paid gig ever in his career, at The Comic Strip. He was supposed to be doing a non-paid “late night” spot, when the last booked comic of the evening didn’t show up, and Ray was asked to take his place. After his spot, one of the other comics told him he was supposed to get

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