Robin Williams Trust Restricts use of comedian’s likeness for 25 years

While absolutely everyone is still mourning the hell out of Robin Williams, this bit of news is perhaps the one instance where fans might feel relieved that they won’t be seeing more of the comedian any time soon. As reported earlier last week, it was revealed that the Robin Williams Trust has imposed very strict control over the likeness rights of the beloved late comedian and actor. Specifically, no commercial

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Michael Ian Black joins the fight against those against Miracle Whip (Video)

I’m starting to think that maybe Miracle Whip has a larger marketing budget than Geico. Seriously, how do these companies turn a profit, with the money they spend on the incessant television, radio, print and Web ads? The Geico ads, at least, are somewhat entertaining (and based on a few friends who use their insurance, it seems like a decent company). But ever since Miracle Whip launched their campaign, wherein

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