Jon Stewart blasts Fox News for invoking his name (Video)

It’s not uncommon for Jon Stewart to call out Fox News for its slanted reporting practices. But he took it to a new – and musical – level last night on The Daily Show. At the heart of the issue is that the conservative leaning cable news channel has been invoking Stewart’s name in order to prove that even liberals think the Affordable Care Act’s roll-out has been horrendously flawed.

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Jon Stewart asks Republicans: Are you familiar with how the world works? (Video)

Last night’s Daily Show opened with a glorious seven-minute rant by Jon Stewart, in which he blasts Republicans in the House of Representatives for causing the partial government shutdown currently playing out. At the heart of Stewart’s frustration is that Republicans refuse to accept the time for debate and negotiation has long been over— and shutting down the government because you want President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act repealed is

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