• Doug Benson inks deal with Alamo Drafthouse for movie interruption fun

    The Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain, once an institution exclusive to Austin, Texas, has spread its tendrils of movie-dom across the nation. For the uninitiated, the Drafthouse combines three elements into a holy triumvirate of a film-going experience: good flicks, a full waiter and meal service (read: booze brought to the table), and a nearly fascist commitment to eradicating talking and texting among audience members (maybe you remember this Patton Oswalt

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    Madonna will guest star on Childrens Hospital, says Rob Corddry

    Ever watch the run of an entire TV series in one sitting? With no breaks? Take it from me: it’s only possible if you’re watching a well-crafted, amusing show. I wouldn’t recommend binging on Toddlers & Tiaras, for example. Or Breaking Bad. Too much and you’ll start losing any faith in humanity you may have had. Potential for catastrophic loss of faith aside, this past weekend, the Alamo Drafthouse movie

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    Watch Patton Oswalt help a movie theater get its ‘no texting’ policy across loud and clear

    The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is infamous for its no-nonsense talking or texting policy; if you are on your phone or being a disturbance in one of their theaters, you will be kicked out, no questions asked. The Drafthouse’s policy was made known outside their theater areas after posting a sort of Public Service Announcement containing a voicemail of an upset woman complaining after being kicked out of the theater. Comedian

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    “Party Down” movie talks progressing nicely, says show creator Rob Thomas

    photo by Jack Plunkett

    Dear reader: I learned two things in the past few days. First, if I didn’t already love the prematurely canceled Starz program Party Down, this past weekend confirmed it. Second, we all must cross our fingers for the Party Down movie talks to continue to go well so they can begin filming next spring. Seriously. My beloved Alamo Drafthouse theater in Austin

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