Watch Paul Rudd get schooled by Justin Theroux in David Wain’s ‘Wanderlust’

David Wain and Ken Marino’s latest flick — starring Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston — Wanderlust hits theaters Feb. 24; and we’ve been anxiously awaiting its arrival for months. You may have already seen the official trailer, but today, there’s a new scene available for your viewing pleasure. The film follows an upwardly mobile couple — Rudd and Aniston — who are forced to move out of New York City

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Watch Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston in the first trailer for David Wain’s “Wanderlust”

Years ago, I became that type of person — and I believe there are many — who will watch pretty much anything Paul Rudd is in– movies, guest spots on corny network shows, Tim and Eric appearances, viral videos, whatever. So the chances of me laying down some cash to watch him and Jennifer Aniston in Wanderlust (in theaters Feb. 24, 2012) are pretty great. Oh, and David Fucking Wain,

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Watch Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller, Alan Alda in the first trailer for “Tower Heist”

Here’s the situation: you are one of the many well-trained staff members of a very fancy apartment building, in which some of the most wealthy white people live. As a stupid plebian you invest most of your savings with one such white person, who is some sort of financial guru. He also looks like Alan Alda. He’s a nice guy. Or so you thought, especially after all the lives he

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