Leslie Knope heads to London on hour-long season premiere of Parks and Recreation

Your favorite city council member, Leslie Knope, is taking to London in the one-hour season premiere of Parks and Recreation tonight on NBC. Knope seems to have been pushed across the pond rather than making the leap herself after her first year on Pawnee’s city council. Tune in tonight at 8:00pm EST to see what’s driven her and her staff so far from home! Be sure to subscribe to the

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Sarah Silverman, Amy Poehler’s new TV gigs, Diablo Cody revamping ‘Sweet Valley High’

Amidst all the uproar of the most recent half-naked picture of Kristen Wiig in GQ for being “bro of the year” and the NY Times letting the whole world know that female comedians are pushing the boundaries of taste and succeeding, there is plenty of great news for women in comedy for them just being funny without any qualifiers.    First off, NBC has green lit Sarah Silverman’s pilot, which

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