• Watch the Sklar Brothers help football player Shaun Phillips reach his Twitter potential

    Shaun Phillips plays professional football for the San Diego Chargers. Seeing as I haven’t followed sports since high school, I can’t say I ever heard of this dude until today, when I saw this newly-posted Atom.com original video. In it, dynamic comedy duo, The Sklar Brothers play Twitter consultants to the big man. If you spend as much time as I do on Twitter, you’re going to love all the

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    Video: What if Captain America was Iranian?

    Maybe it’s because I don’t know how to have fun like the rest of America, but I don’t give shit about Captain America the movie. Or Transformers. Or whatever-the-fuck else is playing at the theater where a director has smashed together a bunch of explosions, really attractive people running through the streets and alleys and on top of buildings with some lame R-rated fuck scenes thrown in to satisfy the

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    Interview with Rob Riggle, ultimate Renaissance comedy machine

    Comedian Rob Riggle is everywhere. He’s on the big screen, the small screen, and stages across America, and now, on a webseries produced by AXE Shower Gel and Comedy Central Digital, hosting the AXE Dirtcathalon. Punchline Magazine got a chance to catch up with Riggle and his amazing story of how he came to do almost everything (sketch, stand-up, acting, improv, etc.) all at the same time. You have three

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