Video: Seth MacFarlane and Axe team up for ‘Ted’ promotion (Giveaway)

You may know that Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s first live-action film Ted (starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis) hits theaters June 29. But did you also know the bear MacFarlane voices in said film enjoys banging hotties? And did you know that this fictional character uses very real AXE Messy Look Paste for his, uh, hair, to help lure in those hotties and do unspeakable things to them in

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Interview with Rob Riggle, ultimate Renaissance comedy machine

Comedian Rob Riggle is everywhere. He’s on the big screen, the small screen, and stages across America, and now, on a webseries produced by AXE Shower Gel and Comedy Central Digital, hosting the AXE Dirtcathalon. Punchline Magazine got a chance to catch up with Riggle and his amazing story of how he came to do almost everything (sketch, stand-up, acting, improv, etc.) all at the same time. You have three

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Video: Rob Riggle, Axe, Comedy Central team up for “Dirtcathlon” web series

Watching coeds getting dirty online — the national pastime since the invention of the porn-storage network we euphemistically call the Internet. Now in the greatest collaboration since the tag team of dirt and cheap, AXE Shower and Comedy Central Digital (which oversees are hookng up to present the AXE Dirtcathlon, a four-part Web series that will pit teams of men and women in loony challenges meant to get them

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Comedians Nick Kroll, Whitney Cummings can live on your phone

Whitney Cummings

You may remember we did some reporting (here and here) on the Funny Or Die-sponsored Axe Twist Twisted Humor college comedy tour featuring the likes of up and comers Nick Kroll, Whitney Cummings, Donald Glover and Chelsea Peretti. Well, the tour is long over but the fun can live on— in your phone. Axe is giving people exclusive behind-the-scenes looks into the tour. But

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Interview: Comedian Nick Kroll on the Axe comedy tour, headlining, groupies and more

The Axe Twisted Humor Tour has been going from city to city the past few weeks, and made a stop at Comix in New York this past Sunday. After Nick Kroll, Donald Glover, Chelsea Peretti and Whitney Cummings rocked a packed house, Punchline Magazine caught up with Kroll – who along with being one of the nicest guys in the ‘biz, is headlining for the first time. Check out the

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