• Golden Girls Legos happening, probably (Photo Gallery)

    If the Lego Movie taught us one thing it’s to embrace your individuality, break from the mold (and the Krazy Glue) and to tell your dad where he can go, what with his sociopathic structured playtime with a child’s toy. That movie sure has benefited my Lego prowess while building with my 6-year-old son. It takes the pressure off me to actually build something that makes sense. And today’s Lego-related

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    Did Jimmy Kimmel buy the naked Bea Arthur painting for comedian Jeff Ross? (Poll)

    Over the weekend, a fun little comedian controversy played out. It involves Jimmy Kimmel, Jeffrey Ross and a nude painting of the late, great Golden Girls star Bea Arthur. The painting was purchased for $1.9 million at auction recently, but the buyer’s identity wasn’t revealed—that is, until Ross thanked Kimmel for the painting via Twitter and included a photo of himself holding said work of art. Biggest surprise of my

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