An Extremely Indulgent Essay About My Process/Current Mindstate and a Shameless Promotion For My Upcoming Hour Special Taping

I’ve made the mistake of sleepwalking through my life. Who hasn’t? No, I don’t mean like Mike Birbiglia did. Or, does? What I mean is my focus had been fixed on the not-as-important things – career status, where I thought I’d be and might not be at this point, what other people are doing or getting – instead of what’s truly important and real, like my life and relationships– and

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Julie Klausner welcomes Paul F. Tompkins, Fred Armisen, cats and more to live podcast taping

If you showed up at the Bell House in Brooklyn last night for the live taping of writer and comedienne Julie Klausner’s How Was Your Week? podcast expecting Teddy Leo, cat photos, the JCPenney Facebook page, drunk Maya Angelou, the most hated man on Billy Eichner’s iPod (aka, Chubby Checker), a taped bit starring Jackée, and a spirited discussion of who should be cast in the all-black remake of Steel

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Exclusive audio: On “WTF with Marc Maron,” Artie Lange talks about staying in psych ward

Embattled comedian Artie Lange has been away from his high-profile radio gig on the Howard Stern Show since he attempted suicide in January of 2010. He laid low for a long time. Eight months later he made his first public appearance; he did a short set at the Comedy Cellar in New York and went out — with a sober coach — for a family dinner the same night. Since

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