• 11 of the Funniest Stories Told by Comedians

    Story telling is an integral part of stand-up comedy. Most comedians, in some form, tell stories. Maybe a story comes as a quick aside to further explain the premise of a joke; sometimes it takes the form of an extended tag at the end of a minute-long bit. At times, a comedian will tell a story about his or her day to break up the more scripted part of their

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    TBS signs Bret Ernst, Theo Von, Bert Kreischer to frat-themed comedy

    Bret Ernst

    TBS has just announced a new reality show that taps into the fertile comedic landscape of the juvenile adult male. The show, entitled Frat House, follows a similar premise to the movie Old School: a group of guys goes back to living a fraternity lifestyle in search of simpler times. Comedians Bret Ernst, Theo Von and Bert Kreischer will host the show and lead

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