• Is there a better way to choose comedy award winners?

    It’s largely believed that awards and the bestowing of formal distinctions in arts and entertainment are largely biased, heavily political and unfair. For comedy, the high level of subjectivity in what one finds funny makes it even more difficult to establish who deserves to be called the “Funniest Comedian” or what “Outstanding Writing in a Music, Variety, or Comedy Series” constitutes or who really should get the annual Mark Twain

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    Brian Posehn, Chris Hardwick, Kumail Nanjiani nerd it up at Just For Laughs

    MONTREAL — The Tribute to Nerds gala ended up being one of my favorite extravaganzas of the fest so far, and that’s not just because I happen to carry around something of a constant nerd boner. Was every comedian that performed here a total babe? Yeah, I would definitely assert that conclusion, but the show itself was so jam-packed with creativity, ferocity and of course hilarity that it would be

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    Lewis Black to guest star on ‘The Big Bang Theory’

    Lewis Black, comedy’s most famous high-blood pressure funnyman, will guest star on CBS’s hit sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. In a new season that begins airing on Monday, Sept. 21, Black will play a troubled professor at the show’s Caltech University who has the misfortune of watching his life fall apart before his eyes. Episodes featuring Black will appear on Mondays at 9:30, EST, on CBS.

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