• Russell Brand’s show canceled, another in development and he’ll tour the Middle East

    It’s been a rocky road for Russell Brand. The most recent snag in his successful career as rabble rousing comedian is the cancellation of Brand X, his live part stand-up, part talk show program on FX. It’s not all bad news, however; FX is creating a scripted show for Brand. Comparing it to Curb Your Enthusiasm,” FX CEO John Landgraf said that it will be a slightly auto-biographical. In other

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    Westboro Baptist Church members call Russell Brand a ‘Fag Pimp’ (Video)

    On a recent episode of his FX series Brand X, comedian Russell Brand welcomed two members of the Westboro Baptist Church, the infamous group who protest at soldiers’ funerals, enlist children to wear shirts and hold signs declaring “God hates fags,” and engage in a host of other immensely endearing activities. And although Brand and the pair of hatemongers (who claim, that really, Brand is the hatemonger, and it’s them

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