• Joel McHale, Aziz Ansari, Louis C.K., Brian Regan to headline New York Comedy Festival

    Joel McHale

    It’s that time of year again when New Yorkers start gearing up for five nights of high profile, holy-crap-look-who-showed-up comedy. The 2010 New York Comedy Festival, running from November 3-7, is unleashing one of its most jam-packed lineups to date. Among the heavy hitters, there’s Aziz Ansari, Adam Carolla, Margaret Cho, Louis CK, Kevin Hart, Gabriel Iglesias, Luis Jimenez, Maz Jobrani, Joel McHale, Brian

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    Jim Gaffigan plays Israel; we analyze the hell out of it

    It’s common wisdom that some of the best comedians are outsiders, standing at the fringe of society lobbing critiques inward. But it’s also common wisdom that white, tall, blond, Catholics are not outsiders, at least not in America, at least for another year or two. In fact they’re pretty much the norm. But Jim Gaffigan, the platonic ideal of whiteness itself, has made a career out of proving just how

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    Comedy Matters with Russell Peters, Kevin Hart and more

    The Phenomenon That Is Russell Peters Russell Peters is not just a comedian. He’s a phenomenon, and that’s a hard word to type more than once! I’ve often referred to him as The Messiah of Comedy, because he has such a diverse audience and makes people of all backgrounds laugh together, and at each other. And he can imitate every accent in the world, but nothing is funnier than when

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    Punchline Magazine presents the five best comedy DVDs of 2008

    And you thought we were done with lists this year. By now, you’ve probably seen our picks for the 10 best stand-up comedy albums of 2008. But sometimes comedians just release a DVD without a CD companion; or maybe their DVD is more noteworthy than their audio version of the same release. That’s why this list exists. Enjoy. #5 – JIMMY DORE, Citizen Jimmy Seemingly from out of nowhere, veteran

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    Brian Regan: Ten Years of 'Brian Regan Live'

    In an interview with veteran comedian Brian Regan, Punchline Magazine takes a look back on his first album– 10 years after its original release. What’s your favorite bit on Brian Regan Live? Click around and tell us! For years, entertainment publications have enjoyed the privilege of paying homage to historically important movies, television series premieres and original album releases with exciting anniversary nods. Punchline Magazine recently celebrated two years online,

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