Comedian Rob Delaney and Mitt Romney are best friends in new Web comic

Browsing the top three mentions of Mitt Romney on Twitter, you might notice that comedian and Twitter powerhouse, Rob Delaney is consistently represented there, undermining Romney. Delaney earned himself the title of Comedy Central’s “Funniest Person On Twitter” earlier this year and has amassed over 520,000 followers. Delaney’s Romney inspired tweets have pushed his Twitter fame further. Political news source, Bloomberg Businessweek recently profiled Delaney as “Mitt Romney’s Twitter Nemesis.”

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You want this amazing Bill Murray coloring book

Attention, hip children who love Bill Murray and comedy nerd grown-ups who just love to color: You might be interested in this coloring book from Belly Kids, which is 100% Bill Murray-themed. Thrill Murray is a collaboration from over 20 different artists, including Laughspin-pal Logan Fitzpatrick, featuring illustrations from a handful of the comic actor’s movies. Now you can make Bill Murray whatever color you want! Check out Belly Kids**

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Ask Amber: Amber helps a guy get over social anxiety, sort of

Knock Knock Knock! I’m glad there are three knocks and not two. I am in no mood to write a knock knock joke. This week’s question! Hi, Amber: I have extreme social anxiety. It’s to the point where I have minor attacks at grocery stores if I have to talk to someone. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve tried drinking and taking pills to calm my nerves, but

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