Michael Cera’s short film Brazzaville Teen-ager is a work of art, if not funny (Video + Review)

There’s surely more succinct ways in which to espouse the power of music or to explore the complications inherent in relationships between parents and their offspring than to produce a nearly 20-minute art film: Music can heal. Also, sometimes it’s hard to talk to your dad. Done. But where’s the fun in that? Enter Michael Cera’s just-released short film, Brazzaville Teen-ager, in which he stars alongside Charles Grodin and pop

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Comedy Matters with Andy Kindler, Natasha Leggero, Bill Murray, more

Comic Strip Documentary Blows Up We were excited enough when Chris Rock agreed to exec. produce the documentary film for the 35th anniversary of The Comic Strip. Now Abby Russell and Brent Sterling-Nemetz of Letterbox Pictures, who are actually shooting the film have really stepped it up, and have just shot Jay Leno, Billy Crystal, Joe Piscopo, Arsenio Hall, Richard Lewis, Carol Leifer, Kevin Nealon, and Richard Belzer for the

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