• 21 Chris Farley life lessons: What we learned from the man who was Matt Foley

    This year Tommy Boy turned 20 years old. So, I promptly went out and bought a subscription to AARP Magazine. And then exclaimed “holy shnikes!” as any sensible Chris Farley fan would do. But for real, it’s really been 20 years? Seems like only yesterday we were reenacting all our favorite lines from the very best Farley/Spade vehicle – and truthfully, who doesn’t still bust out “fat guy in a

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    Before Saturday Night Live: Rare footage of Chris Farley’s motivational speaker character (Video)

    If you were a fan of Saturday Night Live back in the ’90s, one of your favorite sketches was probably Chris Farley’s motivational speaker Matt Foley: the man with a little bit of a “weight problem” you hired to talk some sense into your teenagers so that they don’t end up “living in a van down by the river.” The late great comedy star had actually performed the character during

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    Bob Odenkirk talks Breaking Bad, Chris Farley and more with Jimmy Fallon (Video)

    If you missed the mighty Bob Odenkirk on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Friday, fear not. We’ve lovingly embedded the magic below. And if you have seen it already, why not relive the magic– or give the gift of a link to a friend? It’s free and easy. Enjoy!

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