• Chris Redd: But Here We Are is sharp and hilarious, but brief

    Comedian Chris Redd begins his debut album But Here We Are with a thunderous rebel yell and a warm greeting to those who were in attendance at Comedy on State comedy club in Madison, WI. “Hello white people,” he says. “I see you are still doing well.” After laughing, he adds, “That is not how I thought I was going to start this but here we are.” It is an introduction that

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    Steve Carell shows off acting chops in SNL promo (Video)

    Steve Carell recently poked fun at his plunge into dramatic acting in the new Saturday Night Live promo video and addressed concerns that some of his comedy fans might worry they’ve forever lost the Office star to the dramatic arts. In the promo, SNL’s Aidy Bryant and Chris Redd ask Carell if he’s still capable of comedy. “You’re kind of, like, a serious actor now,” Bryant tells Carell. “Are you

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