• Sadiki Fuller’s album Single Again: clean comedy with just enough edge (Review)

    Sadiki Fuller’s latest album, Single Again (Uproar! Entertainment) offers a well-crafted behind-the-scenes view into the comedian’s personal and romantic life that proves that there is most definitely a place for clean humor in today’s comedy scene. The San Francisco native, who used to be the mascot for the Golden State Warriors before quitting to pursue comedy full-time, dishes, among other things, on about his relationships, helping the homeless, seeking out

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    Veteran comedian Vic Dunlop dies

    It’s rare these days to find a stand-up who is both clean comic and funny. The two seem mutually exclusive in the contemporary comedy scene. Vic Dunlop, for the most part, was one of the few exceptions (one of the clips below is not ultra clean). Known for his prop buggy eyeballs and kind heart Dunlop was a true legend who never stopped loving what he did. A Vietnam War

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    Would you go to a comedy show billed as 'clean?'

    Starting tonight, the Comedy Caravan in Louisville, KY is hosting a series of shows through Sunday billed as “Clean Comedy for Dirty Minds.” From a business standpoint, it initially seems like a good idea. Don’t alienate those who don’t embrace liberal use of the F-Bomb, right? Sure. But does a comedy club run the risk of turning off a large portion of their crowd who might be looking for a

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