Bridgetown Comedy Festival: Day 1

PORTLAND, OR – The first night of Portland’s 4th annual Bridgetown Comedy Festival began last night and the skies of Oregon shined down. Literally. Like, it was over 50 degrees, you guys. There was sunshine. Every hipster in attendance was excited, but they would never tell you that. With 19 shows at eight venues along the popular Hawthorne Boulevard – there was a lot of laughter to be had. Though

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Natasha Leggero: Exclusive video interview

Recently, comedian Natasha Leggero had a spike in popularity after becoming the first woman that nutbag Charlie Sheen responded to on Twitter. Natasha, in her typical scathingly sarcastic tone, tweeted “Charlie Sheen is our Egypt,” and Sheen replied, “I’ll take it.” Forbes decided this was amazing and ran with it. Which is fine; any way a different audience gets exposed to Natasha, we’re happy about it. Though we’ve been following

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Jeff Dye: Plays well with others

If there’s a fast track to comedy success, Jeff Dye has found it. While still living in Seattle, Jeff earned an opportunity that allowed him to bypass the first audition round of season six of Last Comic Standing– a competition he would ultimately take third place in. And now, with his Comedy Central Presents special premiering May 7, and his very own show Numbnuts, produced by Ashton Kutcher, debuting thus

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