• Nanette and 7 other comedy specials that are changing the game

    When you imagine a stand-up special, you might think about Eddie Murphy in a skintight leather suit or Richard Pryor directly in a spotlight against a black background or George Carlin standing in front of a huge USC mural. These are the images that tipify the modern comedy special. When audiences tune into Comedy Central or HBO, they expect a (cough) man, a microphone, and the laughs of a roaring

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    Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Chelsea Peretti Netflix special, Khal Drogo, Golden Girls (Interview)

    If you haven’t seen Chelsea Peretti’s stand-up, her work on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, or her Twitter account, it’s time for you to catch up. Her observations are honest, sometimes dark, yet her laugh makes you feel like you’ve been taking life way too seriously. I chatted with Peretti about her new comedy special on Netflix One of the Greats (premiering Nov. 14), her Khal Drogo fantasies and much more. Leading up

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    An Extremely Indulgent Essay About My Process/Current Mindstate and a Shameless Promotion For My Upcoming Hour Special Taping

    I’ve made the mistake of sleepwalking through my life. Who hasn’t? No, I don’t mean like Mike Birbiglia did. Or, does? What I mean is my focus had been fixed on the not-as-important things – career status, where I thought I’d be and might not be at this point, what other people are doing or getting – instead of what’s truly important and real, like my life and relationships– and

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