Video: Steve Carell demands to have biggest head on all movie posters

One of my favorite aspects of Steve Carell’s tenure on The Office was seeing him get mad. There’s something about Carell yelling that is pretty much inherently hilarious. Like, if you don’t find this wonderful, you’re pretty much inhuman: So, needless to say, I am in love with this new short starring Carell on FunnyOrDie. Dude’s got a new movie coming out, Crazy Stupid Love, which means he’s got to

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Steve Carell to Jon Stewart: “I miss you so much” (Video)

You’ve seen it before and you’ve felt the excitement, comedy fans: the reunion between super successful, former Daily Show correspondents (Ed Helms, Stephen Colbert, Rob Corddry and more) and Jon Stewart– or “Papa Bear,” as Steve Carell calls him. That’s right! The man, Carell dropped by the Daily Show last night to push his new flick Crazy Stupid Love, which hits theaters July 29. And this chat had everything you’d

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Watch Steve Carell, Emma Stone, Julianne Moore in new “Crazy Stupid Love” trailer

Most times its a movie’s script or cast that makes all the difference in its box office success. In the case of Crazy Stupid Love (in theaters July 29), I’d imagine its the cast doing most of the work. The script — centered around a 40-something married couple headed for divorce — seems a little played out. But you couldn’t get a more beloved ensemble cast. Steve Carell and Julianne

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