Watch Twitter comedy prodigy Shelby Fero conduct terrible interview with David Arquette

Here at Laughspin, we bring you the forefront of comedy every day; the proverbial “what’s next” in this burgeoning era of comedy. However, the comedians that we write about undoubtedly have an opinion of “what’s next” in comedy. Notably, Patton Oswalt and many others have given his “blessing” to one Shelby Fero. A Twitter prodigy and a blogger enjoyed daily by the Internet, Shelby is only 17 and currently in

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Watch Conan O’Brien, Sarah Silverman, David Arquette and more support Malaria No More

In addition to it being Al Pacino’s birthday, it turns out that April 25 is World Malaria Day. And Malaria No More has released a video to spread the word about the organization, the cause, and the way that you can help curb malaria deaths in Africa. Appearing in the video are some of our favorite faces from the comedy world: Ed Helms, Elizabeth Banks, David Arquette, Conan O’Brien, Sarah

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