• 30 Rock recap: Double dose of new episodes leaves us unsatisfied

    After such a rough year with so little Lemon in it, I’m sure we were all happy to find that this week we were given two brand new episodes of 30 Rock. When I say that I was happy, I am really understating it. I screamed with excitement like a little girl when I realized we were going to get to see a full hour. Sadly, I felt a bit

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    Denise Richards will guest star on “30 Rock”

    NBC’s hit comedy 30 Rock is known not only for ushering in some of the most original scripts in primetime history — thank you, Tina Fey! — but also for having lots of fun with its guest stars. And although we’re totally hankering for some Liz Lemon about now (remember, the season was pushed to midseason because of Fey’s second pregnancy), at least we’re starting to get some info about

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    Comedy kibbles and bits: links about funny shit

    It’s been a few days since I busted out some comedy links. So, here’s a list of some that deserve some attention. Start clicking away, you click-indicted clickers. Ving Rhames has been cast in a Comedy Central pilot, wherein he plays a former special ops agent. The show is called Black Jack; and Rhames’ character is named Black Jack. Get it? Ving Rhames is totally black, you guys. [Deadline] [caption

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