Review: Don Jamieson’s “Live and Hilarious”

Seven tracks into Don Jamieson’s raucous and obscene stand-up album, Live and Hilarious, there’s an unfortunately timed bit called, “Obama, Osama, Airport Security,” in which Jamieson asserts that Obama isn’t doing enough to find OBL and end the war on terror. The inclusion of the track, though of course unintentional, renders the album almost instantly dated; and that’s too bad, because Live and Hilarious is otherwise the best of what

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Comedian friends joke about Greg Giraldo's death at roast

Last night, the folks of Cringe Humor hosted a roast of comedian Jim Florentine at Comix in New York, the proceeds of which benefited Greg Giraldo’s three sons (Donate here). And while most comedians on the deius – Jim Norton, the Reverend Bob Levy, Don Jamieson were a few – hurled crass but loving insults toward Florentine and the other comics onstage throughout the night, there was great care at

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