• Damn, this Drew Barrymore, John Krasinski movie looks terrible (Video)

    I find it pretty difficult to dislike John Krasinski, he of The Office fame. But after watching this trailer for Big Miracle, out in theaters Feb. 3, 2012, I’m finding it a bit less challenging. Maybe it’s not even him. Maybe it’s Drew Barrymore talking to a whale, letting it know that “everything is going to be ok.” Maybe it’s just that I’m a bitter asshole who cannot find comfort

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    Mike Birbiglia serves Drew Barrymore and Justin Long horrible wine in Going the Distance

    Hey, comedy fans. You know that movie Going the Distance, starring Drew Barrymore and her real life on-again-off-again boyfriend Justin Long, that’s been plastered on billboards far and wide that you had no intention of going to? Well, Mike Birbiglia is in it. So maybe now you’ll want to go. Or maybe now you’ll just want to see this pretty hilarious performance by Birbigs and then move on with your

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