Robin Williams Time magazine cover: eBay user wants $10,000 for misprint. What do you think? (Poll)

Everyone dealt with the death of Robin Williams differently. Some of us cried. Some of us watched every Robin Williams movie we could get our hands on. And some of us registered a new eBay account and tried to make money off the world’s loss of an icon. Well, that’s what eBay user “Warnecathe” did, anyway. It’s true. “Warnecathe” registered for an account on Aug. 21 and uploaded one item—

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Don Rickles autographs Mr. Potato Head for Haiti

Get a load of one of the more entertaining entertainment-related items currently up for auction to help Haiti! It’s a fancy, porcelain Mr. Potato Head, signed by the one and only Don Rickles. As described on eBay: “Up for auction is a porcelain Mr. Potato Head figurine from 1999 created for the Disney Pixar film Toy Story 2. The figurine is signed by the voice of Mr. Potato Head, the

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eBay enlists Jim Gaffigan, Kevin Hart, Black and Showalter

It’s beginning to look a lot like… The holidays (Punchline Magazine is non-denominational)! To lighten things up for the shopping season, the fun loving folks at ebay has launched a cool new ad campaign featuring comedian spokesmen. Jim Gaffigan, Kevin Hart and the duo of Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black have lent their services to the Web’s hottest auction resource. The ads are funny! Here’s a taste: For more

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