Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart Midterm Election coverage last night end of an era

For many, last night was a mix of emotions. For some it was a day to proudly cast a vote, making their voices heard and fulfilling an age-old civic duty. For those opposed, it was a day to protest through inaction, decrying what they see as a faulty system. For the apathetic and possibly comedy-inclined, it was a day to eat Funyuns, try to figure out that whole “Alex from

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Jon Stewart apologizes after telling Christiane Amanpour he didn’t vote in Midterm Elections

Jon Stewart, during an appearance on Christiane Amanpour’s show on CNN yesterday claimed he didn’t vote in the Midterm Elections. Later that night, however, at the top of the live election coverage on The Daily Show, Stewart said he was only joking and apologized to viewers for belittling the electoral process. Earlier when Amanpour asked if he had voted, Stewart, who was promoting his film Rosewater, cracked that he hadn’t

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