Watch the ‘Wilfred’ season premiere with Robin Williams now, before it airs on FX

Oddball comedy Wilfred debuts its second season June 28 at 10 pm ET on FX, but you can check out the premiere now, right under these words. If you’re not familiar with the series, Elijah Wood (yes, Frodo) stars as Ryan, a misguided, troubled young man who’s best friend is a dog owned by Jenna (Fiona Gubelmann), the woman for which Ryan pines. The thing is, Ryan (and only Ryan)

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Just in time for Halloween, it’s the “Wilfred” dog costume

Are you an adult who loves incredibly dark comedies who is also inclined to dress up for Halloween despite the high creepiness factor? Well, then might we suggest psychologically terrorizing your town or city in this just-released Wilfred costume. If you’re unfamiliar with Wilfred, let me me break it down for you. He’s the titular character in the FX series starring Elijah Wood; it’s first season has wrapped and it’s

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Watch Amy Poehler spend “7 Minutes in Heaven”

Late last month we introduced you to the new silly Web series 7 Minutes in Heaven, wherein Saturday Night Live writer Mike O’Brien invites his famous pals into a closet for a world-class interview of awkwardness. O’Brien’s first guest was Kristen Wiig; since then he’s given the 7 Minutes treatment to the likes of Wilfred star Elijah Wood, actress Patricia Clarkson and Bravo’s Andy Cohen. And today a new episode

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