• When comedians write poetry

    Often, the context in which poetry and comedy come together is one of ridicule. Many comedians will poke fun at the unchecked artistic license in being maudlin, depressing, alienating and overly political; these are things that poets are often guilty of. Yet, what’s hardly seen and noticed is funny people actually writing poetry and making it funny. Believe it or not, it does happen and it’s written by some of

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    “Totally Laime” podcast wins the Earwolf Challenge; we chat with Elizabeth Laime

    If you haven’t listened to The Earwolf Challenge (the world’s first reality podcast series) then stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW and listen to the entire series. Go ahead, I’ll hang out. Finished? Yeah, I know, pretty sweet. Judges Scott Aukerman and Jeff Ullrich, the masterminds behind the Earwolf network, along with Challenge host and UCB co-founder Matt Besser, deliberated for over an hour before casting votes and declaring

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