• Here’s the ballad about comedian Emo Philips you never knew you wanted until now (AUDIO)

    To say it’s a rarity that a musician is inspired to write a song about a comedian would be an understatement. And that’s why this just-released song about universally respected comedian Emo Philips is such an endearing, thoughtful tribute. Written and performed by musician Henning Ohlenbusch, who once opened for Philips, the song – simply titled “Emo Philips” — is a delicate guitar ballad tastefully peppered with piano. In two

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    Alternative Comedy Festival hits Boston; will Beantown ever laugh the same?

    Check out exclusive photos of AltCom by Rob Turbovsky here. What the hell is alternative comedy? That seemed to be the question posed by AltCom — that is the Alternative Comedy Festival in Boston, or near Boston, really — or at least the question I posed to festival director Brian Joyce ad infinitum. After both nights of the festival at the Somerville Theatre this weekend, I’m still not sure how

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