Andrew Dice Clay headed to Showtime in new comedy series

The Diceman cometh — and this time, he’s bringing his unabashed and brazen humor to a small screen near you. Showtime, the cable network known for shows like Shameless, Californication and Dexter, has announced it will air Dice, a scripted comedy based on Clay’s life and career as a stand-up comedian in 2016. “Love him or hate him, Dice is a true original, and Dice is always funny,” Showtime’s exec VP

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How I Met Your Mother, Arrested Development, Big Bang Theory and more! TV’s greatest catchphrases in one video supercut

From modern comedy hits like How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and Arrested Development to iconic comedy shows like Good Times, Happy Days and Everybody Loves Raymond the concept of the catchphrase is one firmly embedded in the success of those shows. So, it’s with great pleasure we peeped this new, massive supercut of TV’s Greatest Catchphrases. In less than five short minutes, we – and now

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Andrew “Dice” Clay lands role on HBO’s “Entourage”

Andrew Dice Clay’s back in the news, and not just for railing against Charlie Sheen’s tiger blood meltdown. He’ll be appearing regularly in the next season of Entourage in a cartoon series within the show’s storyline, joined by Kevin Dillon’s Johnny Drama. Since his brief appearance on Celebrity Apprentice a few years ago, the Diceman’s been flying under the radar, so who knows what he’ll be doing with the role.

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