• Chuck E. Cheese’s brawl with adults caught on video

    Chuck E. Cheese’s isn’t the place for adults to hang back, chill out and enjoy a day out with their children. And I speak from experience. Unfortunately, I’ve had to suffer through more than a few hastily planned, ill-fated birthday parties for one of my two son’s friends. Chuck E. Cheese’s is the place you go after enduring months of anger management classes, sort of as a final test. Because

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    Comedian Tammy Pescatelli assaulted onstage as police refuse to arrest assailant

    UPDATE: July 15, 12:15 pm ET We’re still waiting for the Jacksonville, Fla Sheriff’s Dept. to respond to our request for comment. Last night at the Comedy Zone in Jacksonville, Fla, a seemingly drunk woman in the audience assaulted comedian Tammy Pescatelli, who was on stage. By the end of the night and despite a room full of witnesses all willing to give statements to the police, according to Pescatelli,

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