• Rob Riggle breaks into David Beckham’s mansion (Video)

    As you may know, former Daily Show correspondent, comedian, actor, Marine, and all-around super man Rob Riggle has replaced comedian Frank Caliendo as the Fox Sports NFL pre-game go-to guy after the impressionist’s 9-year-run. It seems Riggle has gotten a bit cocky about his new position. In the video below, he crashes David Beckham’s mansion (shhhhh…it’s not his REAL mansion, you guys). Check it out! Check out Laughspin’s interview with

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    Did supposedly “racist” comedy segment need to be pulled from Fox-owned Fuel TV?

    In another instance of political correctness in comedy being taken way too far, Fuel TV had to pull a sports segment due to offending the Asian American community. Comedian Bob Oschack went out as a “man on the street” to interview Asian college students at the University of Southern California about the new inclusion of Colorado and Utah into the newly formed PAC-12. None of the students seem to have

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