• Bo Burnham, Brian Posehn at Gilda’s LaughFest deliver from opposite ends of the spectrum

    GRAND RAPIDS — By Saturday night’s end here at Gilda’s LaughFest I was happily bathed in classically executed musical comedy theatrics set inside a gorgeous 1,500-seat venue and alternatively a persistent stream of dick-and-fart jokes delivered from a stage housed in a gritty, few-hundred-seat rock club. The experience proved that, regardless of subject matter and presentation, comedy of any shape — so long as it’s in a master’s hands —

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    New Bo Burnham song is excellent, will anger many Christians (Audio)

    Bo Burnham’s song “From God’s Perspective” is the type of thing, I’d imagine, fundamental Christian people are going to hear and despise— mostly because it challenges everything they believe. And because it makes a lot of sense. Not unlike most of what the comedian has done, the four-minute piano tune is brilliant in its lyrical deconstruction of its subject (Christianity, in this case) and just about as funny as musical

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