• Family Guy mobile video game will be released next year

    If you’re tired of simply watching Family Guy on television, next year you’ll be able to play a mobile video game version thereof. Available for iPhones and Androids, the game’s storyline will borrow from the 212 existing Family Guy episodes and will directly be influenced by real-life current events, according to The Wrap. There’s no word on whether recently dead (or is he dead?) pet dog Brian will make an

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    ‘Community’ still doesn’t have a premiere date but you can play an interactive Halloween game, so there’s that

    We’re not going to rehash the abuse Community has suffered at the hands of their negligent network over the last few months. You can read all about it here. All we really want to do is tell you about this sweet interactive Halloween game that just went live today. It’s yet another gift for Community fans to help assuage the pain the absence of their favorite show has created.

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