• Stephen Colbert and John Oliver sound off on George Zimmerman verdict (Videos)

    After a two-week hiatus The Daily Show and The Colbert Report had plenty of news to cover. But after Saturday’s controversial verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, both sounded off on what has become the centerpiece of every news network’s discussions over the past three days. Oliver suggests Florida should change their motto from “The Sunshine State” to “The Worst State” while Colbert declares the end of racial injustice calling

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    Comedians sound off on George Zimmerman verdict

    Late last night, a jury in Sanford, Fl found George Zimmerman, the 29-year-old former neighborhood watchman, not guilty on all charges levied against him in the shooting death of unnarmed teenager Trayvon Martin. While in the preceding days it was widely speculated Zimmerman would not be found guilty of murder, it seemed the lesser charge of manslaughter would likely come to fruition. It did not. From the time the decision

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    George Zimmerman attorney Don West thinks he’s a comedian, but he’s really an enormous idiot (Video)

    Everyone’s a comedian– including George Zimmerman’s attorney Don West. If you don’t know who Zimmerman is or maybe you’ve tried to push all that is wrong with the world out of your brain, allow us to remind you. He’s the guy who shot Florida teen Trayvon Martin in the chest, killing him. Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman thought Martin (a 17-year-old black kid) was “up to no good.” So, ya know,

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