Comedy kibbles and bits: morning links about funny shit

Good morning, comedy news wanters. You may have noticed that from time to time, I’ve been collecting some links and throwing them at you some mornings. Why am I doing this, you might be asking. Well, sometimes we, at Punchline Magazine, need to get you comedy-related info that doesn’t quite deserve a full post on our oft-updated daily news blog (the section you’re reading right now). That’s where these things

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One-liners: Bill Cosby, Maz Jobrani, Russell Brand and more

Apparently Bill Cosby’s not a fan of Donald Trump’s hemming and hawing re: his potential presidential run. On Today, Cosby said Trump’s “full of it” and should “run or shut up.” [OK!] Danny McBride made an appearance on Conan to chat about his new movie, Your Highness, and also announced he and his wife are expecting a son. [Conan] Maz Jobrani has joined the cast of a Conan O’Brien-produced multicamera

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Kevin Camia: Kindness

Hate to agree with Grouchy Old Pinheads Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, but it really is time to “take back America” — from them and the rest of their oilier-than-the-Gulf-Coast ilk. Apparently Kevin Camia agrees, because he amusingly pierces the pompous and ostentatious, the humorless and clueless, the cloyingly cute and annoyingly hip on Kindness (Rooftop Comedy Productions). Laughing as he minces his myriad victims doesn’t make Camia callous; his

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