Laughspin Podcast, episode 61: Brian Posehn, Nick Offerman, Chris DiStefano

This week on The Laughspin Podcast, Mike and I give you a taste of Brian Posehn’s new album, The Fartist, we listen to comedian Chris DiStefano’s stand-up television debut on Late Show with David Letterman and deliver you tons of news on Nick Offerman’s new animated project Axe Cop (spoiler: Mike ends up in tears from laughing), a comedian who’s getting fined $15,000 for alleged ‘homophobic,’ remarks and I tell

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Forced to pay $15,000 for ‘homophobic’ comments, comedian Guy Earle responds (Exclusive)

For the past few years, we’ve been covering the story of Canadian comedian Guy Earle’s fight against a human rights tribunal, who levied a $15,000 fine against him for slinging “homophobic” insults toward a lesbian couple, who repeatedly heckled him throughout his set. Two years ago, Earle was ordered to pay accuser Lorna Pardy the money because of damages she allegedly sustained in May 2007, which is when the show

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Exclusive audio interview with comedian Guy Earle, fined $15,000 for 'homophobic' insults

A four year-long legal case centered around a stand-up comedian hurling bigoted insults from stage toward a lesbian couple came to a head on April 20. Guy Earle, the comic in question, was ordered to pay accuser Lorna Pardy $15,000 in damages she allegedly sustained in May 2007 from Earle’s “sexist and homophobic” insults. The owner of the Vancouver restaurant where the comedy show took place, was also ordered to

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Comedian's heckler combat skills suck, but that's no reason to put him on trial

Comedian Guy Earle

The United States isn’t the only country that wastes millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money funding frivolous lawsuits. Our friends in Canada do too! And this time it’s in the name of comedy. We told you a few days ago about comedian Guy Earle, who was set to face a human rights tribunal in British Columbia for heckling a lesbian couple at a

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Comedian faces human rights tribunal over heckler fight

Back in May 2007, comedian Guy Earle introduced the next comic during the open mic at Zesty’s Restaraunt in Vancouver, Canada. A couple strolled in toward the end of the show, sat down at the front of the stage, and proceeded to heckle Earle. Offensive words were launched from both sides including targeting sexes and sexuality. After the show, Earle snapped a pair of sunglasses belonging to the drunken couple

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