• Aziz Ansari Netflix series is happening! Streaming service continues to build case for comedy dominance.

    Netflix continues to amp up its original comedy offerings ordering a series from comedian Aziz Ansari. Netflix ordered 10 episodes of the unnamed series which Ansari co-created with Parks and Recreation co-executive producer Alan Yang. Ansari and company are keeping details about the project on the down low. All we know is that Ansari stars alongside H. Jon Benjamin, Lena Waithe (Dear White People) and Eric Wareheim of Tim &

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    Jon Benjamin of Archer and Bob’s Burgers does interview, shows off hairy man boobs (Video)

    If you haven’t been spending at least 15 percent of your pursuing-funny-things-online time on ThingX.com, I submit that you may very well be missing out on finding funny things online. In case you’re unaware, ThingX.com is a site operating under the Adult Swim umbrella that launched in October and is produced by some of the fine folks who made The Onion super awesome. You’ll find the site’s main mission is

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    A girl’s song about the comedians she loves is about to go viral

    UPDATE: Oct. 17 We just got this new version of “Comedians” from Allie. Check it out and pass it on! —————— Most young women in America spend their time listening to soulless pop music, watching Jersey Shore and generally not being cool– but then are rewarded for not being cool (aka, being like everyone else) because, well, that’s what mindless, boring people like. And there’s a lot of mindless, boring

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    Watch HuffPo Comedy’s sweet Bob’s Burgers interview

    The newest addition to Fox’s animated series dynasty, Bob’s Burgers, made a splash when it debuted earlier this year. Since the show has been picked up for a second season, we can continue enjoying the Belcher family’s shenanigans every week. The show’s success is undoubtedly due in large part to the stellar casting: Bob’s Burgers boasts eccentric comedians like Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal, H. Jon Benjamin, John Roberts and Dan

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    Eugene Mirman: the end of the world will be like Ghostbusters

    This is what Eugene Mirman looks like as a cartoon boy dressed as a hamburger.

    If you’re a practicing Christian, this Sunday is just like any other Sunday. No doubt, you’ll go to church, yawn 243 times while there, fight the urge to think about fucking the two good looking people in the entire congregation and then go home to try to find meaning in some

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