Comedians hand out free show tickets to Occupy Wall Street protestors

You guys, aren’t comedians just the best people ever? Watch your black and white backs, nuns – the bar on do-good-ery has just been significantly raised by comedian John Fugelsang and the rest of the Sexy Liberals Comedy Tour. Following the savage police insurgence at the Occupy Oakland rally on Oct. 25, which has left an Iraq War veteran in critical condition, it was announced by the members of the

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Hal Sparks: “Escape From Halcatraz” (Review)

Hal Sparks is easy to like. He’s an animated, good looking dude who’s clearly committed to making a room full of comedy goers laugh their asses off. He also appeals to a desirable age group– the folks that appreciate references to the Luck Dragon from The Never-ending Story, or Disturbed’s song “Down with the Sickness,” which may be the most unintentionally hilarious metal song of all time. Hal brings up

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Hal Sparks saves a life with his CPR skills

Last night, comedian Hal Sparks of Queer as Folk fame, performed CPR on an older man who collapsed in the LAX airport. Another woman did chest compressions while Sparks did mouth to mouth. According to Sparks’ Twitter, this was the third time he’s performed CPR in his life. TMZ reported: We’re told Hal rushed to the man’s aid and began performing mouth-to-mouth, while a woman performed chest compressions. Medical aid

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