• Hannah Gadsby won’t quit comedy after all; announces tour

    Hannah Gadsby might have said that she was leaving comedy in her break-out hit Nanette, but that isn’t exactly true. Gadsby announced she will go on an American tour before heading to Europe (and beyond) with her new show Douglas—named after the Tasmanian comedian’s dog. Comedy purists will have to find a new reason to be angry at Gadsby, who launched a million-and-one angry male opinions last year. She vows

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    Laughspin Presents: The 20 Best Stand-up Specials of 2018

    None of you are going to agree with me on this list. And that’s okay. It’s not easy to do a year-in-review Top 10 List (or whatever arbitrary number Buzzfeed picks that day). The sheer volume of stand-up produced this year made things even more difficult. I watched every qualifying stand-up special that came out in 2018. Every. Single. One. I don’t like Top Anything lists because, it’s like, you didn’t

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    Hannah Gadsby complains about ‘good men’ at Women in Entertainment Gala (Video)

    Hannah Gadsby spoke about the concept of “good men” as opposed to “bad men” during her speech opening The Hollywood Reporter’s 2018 Women in Entertainment Gala. The Australian comedian became a household name seemingly overnight when Netflix released her comedy special Nanette earlier this year. The special is half comedy and half a deep delve into the trauma of being a queer woman, the pain of sexual assault, and ruminations

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